One of my earliest memories, before I started school, is of perching on a chair watching images slowly appear on paper in a tray of developer under a dull red light.

By 14 I was doing my own developing and printing, photographing sport events in Dundee and selling the images to the local newspaper. I would ride around on my bicycle looking for things to photograph. At 16 I photographed my first wedding.

I always knew I would be a photographer, it was my first and only real career wish. It was and remains an obsession.

I trained for four years in the South African Air Force as a photographic laboratory technician. Following that I moved to Johannesburg and worked in the same field at Procolour and Beith. In 1990 I left South Africa and travelled for some years working along the way at a photographic lab in the United States.

When South Africa transitioned out of apartheid in 1994 I decided to return home. I was living in Israel at the time and since I had a bicycle with me I set off with 2 companions and cycled home arriving in 1995 having ridden the length of the African continent.

Arriving home I found that I had missed the dying off of photographic labs as digital was taking over. I made the decision to embrace the new medium and have been heavily involved in digital imaging since mid 1996.

With the demise of photographic labs I decided to become a commercial photographer founding MKDP photography in 1998.

I still love photography. It fascinates me. I still cycle.

Martin Kristiansen